WELCOME TO NERO SOLUTIONS. We are happy to share Proxima's History with you. As the last stronghold of 100% fact-checked truth, we embrace our heritage and invite you to explore.

You are one of the lucky inhabitants of the final remaining vestiges of the human race–the planet, continent, country, and city of Proxima. At night, you get to peer up into the sky and watch the blackholes implode and reform in an infinite cosmic dance. You get to sleep at night knowing the BRAVE HORIZON HOPPERS are continuing to bring us the light and energy we need to continue our work. Some people say that the world is ending, but here at NERO SOLUTIONS, you can trust us when we say that that is not the case! Don't let Helter Skelter get you in a tizzy, when you get to know the 100% TRUTH just by checking this website.

Graduating A School students can find the link to our university assesment quiz on our website.

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